Red Alert 3

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Do you play RA3 now?
I would like to but I just can’t allocate my time for it, I finished with the Soviet Mission and I stopped at there till now.

This game is much much better than previous C&C, because everyone have almost similar force/power, you would not feel unfair or one side stronger anymore…

Please go to grab one and start it now.

Moreover now it is available at PS3~

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Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Phone Games

Do you play this games? It is fun to play while you’re waiting for Train, Subway or people… I finished it few months ago~

It is great because it follows the whole storyline from Movie and you played the roles of Jack. In the games, you fight, you shoot, you runaway with the ship… It is simple games and I think everyone can finish it within an hour without doing other things.

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Command & Conquer

A brand new game for CNC series. Played it with fews friend and found that the game is good/nice to play. Compare to previous few CNC series, this one is abit difficult to handle, mainly due to most of the units have very powerful weapon and it need sometime to understand each advantages/disadvantages. Anyway, for me, it is good to play with your friend in cyber or at home.

Some screenshots of the game.

But, I still prefer to play CNC-Red Alert. My all time favorite.

Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core


During My time at Japan, Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core launch at 13th of September. It is PSP version, and few days later is Tokyo Games Shows 2007, FF7 has the biggest area in the exhibition… And it even have the handphone version, but only available for Japan handphone…

I bought it 1 week after it’d launched with the price 5270yen (around USD 40). It is really fun and I think you need to have a try on it.

Below is the link of the official website.
Click here

The O.C.


The O.C. is my favourite shows  in TV. Now I found that there is a games make based on the storyline of this shows. I tried it and it is fun to play with. Try it yourself.

In the game, you may choose to be Ryan, Seth, Marissa or Summer. For myself, I prefer Ryan the most.

Games Link 1 

Games Link 2 

Platinium Sudoku


Previously when I want to play Sudoku (An famous Japanese Numbering Games), I need to play it on daily newspaper’s games column. Now we can play sudoku easily by our handphone. Current gamesloft come out a Platinium Sudoku and is very nice.

I think we can actually exercise our brain by playing Sudoku.



V-rally 3D


Very interesting games in Handphone!

My friend got this games last week, I play the game with his handphone. The graphic for the game is wonderful, very details. The game even support for the bluetooth server game play. 2 People can play the game, racing with each other in the same time by using bluetooth connection. I think you should try this games. Buy it from HERE

vrally1.jpg vrally2.jpg